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Would you benefit from using our services?  Take this quiz and decide for yourself……

  • Experiencing:  (check all that apply)   ___ Urgency            ___ Waking up at night to urinate        ___Overactive bladder   ____ Stress incontinence (when laughing, sneezing lifting, exercising, coughing)                                   ___ Pelvic floor weakness or prolapse     
  • If using adult pads, how many do you use in 24 hours on average? ____/day or week (circle)
  • How frequently do you use the restroom during the day? ______ During the night? ______
  • How frequently do you experience “accidents”? ____/day; ____/week
  • What would fixing your condition mean to you?
  • Eager to overcome the problems caused by your urinary or pelvic floor issues?
  • Have a strong desire to avoid surgery, probes and potentially dangerous pharmaceutical drugs?
  • Not currently pregnant or using a pacemaker?

If after taking this quiz, you feel that we can help you, please call right away and request a free consult and initial complimentary treatment.  We will send you our intake forms when we schedule you.

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