Innovative, Natural Bladder Control and a strong Pelvic Floor

regain control naturally

The magnetic waves chair is safe and so effective.  It delivers the equivalent of thousands of kegels per minute, while you sit fully clothed in our comfortable chair.  We use only FDA approved technology.  No surgery, no pharmaceuticals & no probes.

In as few as 10 sessions, you will have remarkable improvement in your pelvic floor strength and bladder control.  If you have been experiencing mild to moderate bladder problems, the 10 sessions may be all you need.  If more severe, you may need up to 20 sessions for serious positive changes in your bladder control.

You may also want to supplement and solidify your results with acupuncture and or herbs.  We will also look at your diet to eliminate irritants and possibly add exercises to further strengthen your pelvic floor.  This will depend on the cause and severity of your urinary issues. 







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Give yourself this free gift.  Imagine how your life will change when you regain bladder control and once again have a strong pelvic floor.  You have nothing to lose.  But you have so much to gain. 



unbelievably affordable

We checked the competition.  There is really very little competition out there – but the very limited number of clinics offering this service in Florida charge exactly 5 times as much as we do.  We are the only clinic to offer the options of supplemental herbs and acupuncture for a nominal additional fee. 

Why do we offer this service at such an affordable price?  Because it is so desperately needed by a staggeringly high percentage of adults in all walks of life and we are so excited at the results we have seen.