Bladder Control and Pelvic floor strength

Urgency is epidemic !

No one talks about it.  However, urgency, frequent waking at night to urinate, stress incontinence and weakened pelvic floor muscles affect adults in massive numbers in all stages of life.  It is the Big Secret. 

We are proud to provide safe and effective solutions that really work.  It’s funny, but the more people we speak to, the more people are relieved to say that they have been secretly suffering with one of these issues.  Unless someone else brings it up, shame, embarrassment, fear and confusion keep people from seeking solutions.

Today, you can make the choice to take back control.

open the door to a whole new life




We’re here for You!

As the area’s leading experts in bladder control and building strong pelvic floors, we can’t wait to help you take back control over your pelvic health.

In order to best serve you, our customers, we have gathered a wide array of products that are equally as innovative as the Pelvic Floor Chair.   Our team specializes in bringing value and results to your health care program.   Simply give us a call to speak with a member of our knowledgeable team today!


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How we can help your bladder control

Safe, Easy lifestyle changes

Learn what foods aggravate your bladder, what herbs restore bladder control, how acupuncture can lift the pelvic organs and strengthen the bladder, how exercise can help.


The Pelvic Floor Chair

Relax for twenty minutes while the chair does all the work…. much better than you can do yourself!



acupuncture and herbs

These additional treatments can do so much to support the benefits of the pelvic floor chair.


Diet and Exercise consultation

Learn about how diet and exercise can improve your pelvic floor results by further  enhancing your pelvic floor strength and  bladder control.


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